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21CenturyWeb is an Indian software development company, specialists in providing unparalleled web design & development solutions to both small and large businesses to help them get an attractive online presence by designing great websites. In a short span of time, 21CenturyWeb has grown into one of India’s premier organizations providing complete bouquet of web design and development services. We provide solutions for a dynamic web environment where business and technology strategies converge to create superior value. 21CenturyWeb is registered with Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and is a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU). Our STPI registration number is STP/N/VIII (A) (13) 2004/1206.

Florist Consulting Software

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Florist Consulting Software

We have built this web based software solution for florist which will help them keep track of their clients as well as the flower arrangements used by them for any particular event. In this we have provided florist with the advantage that he can upload all his decor ideas from excel sheet direct on to the software. He can add all the product into various categories like bouquet, ceremony and so on. Florist here also has the advantage to keep record of bill of materials and further add it to the retail price. Each florist maintains its individual login details and all the information available and his account remains intact and its not visible to another florist. We have also added the contract pdf on to the software. This software helps the florist to save money and gain more sales.

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