Online Public Relations

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  • Deal with criticism instantly to eliminate or conceal it.
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Online PR VS. Internet Marketing

The PR industry is infamous for doing a bad job when it comes to enlightening clients and potential clients regarding public relations and what it offers to a business. Simultaneously, internet marketing is a prosperous field wherein PR is just one of the several tools that can be utilized. This is the message that the majority of potential online PR clients receive.


The Message
The Message – Just like in all areas of marketing, internet marketing sends a message that is designed to boost sales or directly improve revenue in one way or another. For example, the marketing message of a big online show store might be that they offer the largest selection at the most competitive prices.

In public relations as a whole or in online PR, the message is not directly promotional. PR messages vary from showing that a company cares about its customers to news messages generated by the company.

The Tactics and Tools
The Tactics and Tools – Internet marketers and online PR practitioners often utilize some of the same tools but they use such tools differently. Here are some tools and tactics that are utilized in internet marketing and online PR.
The Targets
The Targets – you have what is called a “target market” in internet marketing. These are basically your potential customers or in the case of websites monetized through advertising, these are potential readers that can be monetized through ads.

On the other hand, in online PR, you have what is called a “target audience”. A target audience is also called a “stakeholder” or “key public” who is any group that has power over the company. This may include employees and stockholders of a company, residents of the place where the company is located and government officials. Take note: the target market is just one individual among the target audience.