Non-Profit Website Design

Creating an awesome non-profit website has its own perks and challenges. The mission of the organizations must be clearly communicated. Call to actions must be bold and clear. The overall look and feel of the website must be engaging and unique. Depending on your organization, we can incorporate story telling (some serious tugs at the hearstrings), humor, multimedia such as videos, photography, voice-overs, infographics and more. What’s important is that we can accomplish one thing: When your visitors leave, they know what you do, they are persuaded to take action and they know how they can help.


  • My Green World

    My Green World

    We have build a platform, “MyGreenworld” dedicated to improve the welfare for animals where different partner charities are connected such as BLACK MAMBAS, JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE, TIGERTIME etc.

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    Client’s Feedback:

    “Thanks. Hard working group!”


  • Mainstay Solution Scorp

    Mainstay Solution Scorp

    “21Centuryweb team has build an event management website by which DSGSEMI & FEDS organizations raise funds for victims of Down syndrome and their families by helding the events every year.”

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  • Gold Security Report

    Gold Security Report

    On this site, we have implemented a functionality where then ews from all over the world is getting fetched. There are different sections like Breaking security news, Analysis and Polling section as well.

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  • Sam


    “It is a tribute to a wonderful dog Sam who unfortunately passed away because of cancer. It includes life lessons learned from Sam. The website looks like a scrapbook full of information, memories, photographs includes backgrounds, pages and buttons.”

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