Android App Development

21 Century Web is one of the finest offshore Android development companies today. It is supported by a strong workforce composed of experts and specialists for topnotch Android app development services that can help you gain advantage over your competitors. We create highly capable, scalable and interactive Android-based mobile applications that can meet the distinct and dynamic demands of startups, medium or large enterprises of any kind.
    Our Android solutions include:

  • Highly customized Android app development
  • Development of android games
  • Enterprise Android applications
  • Android applications for M-commerce
  • Android applications for social media
  • Development of android widgets
  • Testing of android apps
  • Android Maintenance and Support
Why Consider a Native Android App?

Why Consider a Native Android App?

We are an app development company that will utilize every app store to the fullest. Yet, we also make the most out of the best operating systems available. There is a big difference between Android and iOS which is where the skills and experience of our android app designers come into play and take advantage of that difference. We offer Android app development services which ensure that every app is optimized on all aspects (look, feel, performance, speed, etc.) for devices that run on different versions of Android from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat.

We make sure to integrate the DNA of the platform into your app. It is not just building from the Android skeleton, but our Android app developers keep in mind the core qualities and capabilities of Android every step of the way in the design process. This results in an app that is seamless, efficient and designed specifically for power, performance and the best user experience possible.


Benefits of our Android App Development Solutions

21 Century Web is one of the top android development companies today offering high quality android apps development solutions to various enterprises in all parts of the world. We offer proven expertise in the development of Android apps that guarantees added value services to your mobile operations. Our developers make sure that the maximum potential of the complex Android SDK platform is exploited by utilizing a number of Android development tools for exploring all the possibilities for product development.

We have a team of technical Android experts with first-rate skills and the necessary experience in developing mobile applications for the Android platform. Our expert programmers are dedicated to the development of accessible and highly capable android mobile applications and porting to specific mobile platforms.


Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We do not just offer application development, but offer a lot more. We create cost effective mobile solutions that will ensure the highest value for your investment.
24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority so we are available to our clients 24/7 offering the highest level of technical support through our world-class communication systems.
Expert Developers

Expert Developers

Our team of experts utilize the latest development tools and platforms and up-to-date with the newest industry standards in order to deliver highly efficient and effective mobile solutions for your business needs.
Proven Methodologies

Proven Methodologies

With our experience in working with clients from different enterprises located all over the world using the latest technologies, we offer proven methodologies and best practices that will surely result in the highest customer satisfaction.
ISO 9001 Processes

ISO 9001 Processes

The development processes we implement follow 9001:2008 standards in in order to ensure optimum performance execution on each part of the project cycle.
Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication

Our communications are always open so you can connect with the team of experts that are working on your project instantly in case of queries or changes.


How We Do Things

Our team of Android App Developers follows strict procedures ensuring that milestones are reached and deadlines are met.
Android App Development
Requirement Gathering

1. Requirement Gathering

  • Thoroughly discussing your android app idea and evaluation of the concept
  • Refinement of the idea to make it more rewarding for you
  • Finalizing the requirements
  • Creating milestones
Android App Design

2. Android App Design

  • Finding the right style of design for the app
  • Creating an initial draft of the design
  • Creating a final android app design
Android App Development

3. Android App Development

  • Creating the android app assets (objects/images, effects, animations, sound effects, background)
  • Coding of the basic mechanics of the android app
  • Initial draft deliver of the app, including basic android app play and arts
  • Making changes based on feedbacks
  • Level design and the creation of UI elements
  • Integrating all of the elements
Final Delivery

4. Final Delivery

  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Submission of the final Android App
  • App submission into the Android Store
Our Android App Development Team

Our Android App Development Team

There are plenty of Android app designers out there, but what makes 21 Century Web special is our team. Our team is complete which is comprised of experienced Android app developers who are creative, skilled and knowledgeable. We will build the best possible app that is reliable, highly functional and is customized specifically for your brand and your target audience.

Our Android app designers love what they do and we are confident that you will love their work too. We are inviting you to contact 21 Century Web today for your Android app development needs.